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Lifelike Sex Doll for Men Male Masturbator with Realistic Papaya Breasts, Life Size Sex Dolls Female Torso Love Doll Male Stroker with Pocket Pussy Vagina Anal

Lifelike Sex Doll for Men Male Masturbator with Realistic Papaya Breasts, Life Size Sex Dolls Female Torso Love Doll Male Stroker with Pocket Pussy Vagina Anal

This sex doll is Amwama’s first one to include big, plush papaya breasts for males. The enormous and velvety breasts of lifelike sex dol will amaze you and satiate your craving for breast play. You can maintain a constant state of sex pleasure because to the realistic, full, soft breasts and the lightweight, manoeuvrable body. You are continually drawn into her interior by her full-body skin texture design and her very juicy pocket pussy for males. Our Amwama sex dolls fit people of most sizes thanks to the elastic material.

Papaya breasts sex dolls with outstanding realism The lifelike sex doll’s breasts are soft enough to completely arouse your natural breast impulses. The breasts finally developed a droopy shape resembling a papaya after numerous procedures and modifications. Incredibly realistic breast play is made possible by the G-cup papaya-shaped breasts of sexual toys for guys and the strange realism of the skin. You will be comforted by her ample breasts when you sleep and throughout men’s sex.

3D Realistic Vagina Anal Sex Doll for Men – To offer consumers a variety of male stroker sensations, we have created special tunnels with varying levels of suction, penetration, and wellness for each sex doll. Men’s sex toys have firm grips and amazing ribbing for maximum stimulation in every hole. You can feel the tightness and friction of genuine sex thanks to the lines and particles inside. The length of both sex turnnels is 6.3 inches.

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Male Masturbator Doll with Built-in Torso – This sex toy for guys includes a skeleton within that can maintain the sex torso steady and prevent jerking. (The lumbar spine is set in place, but it won’t have an impact on how you feel in bed.) You can choose to unlock other sex positions, such as missionary style or cowgirl. The man sex doll is a must-have item if you want to spice up your alone time or even your relationship!

This male masterburbator is made of excellent TPE, which is soft and flexible like real skin and has no unpleasant odour. The breast and butt toy will wave and shake when you flap the male sex doll! When you grab pocket pussies, you don’t want to leave the huge boob behind—the fat breast feels the most realistic! Please be aware that TPE material is phthalate-free and not heat resistant above 40 °C (104 °F).

Simple to Clean, Store, and Use Male Sex Toys – To avoid tearing, we advise using sex dolls with water-based lubrication. It’s not a filth or quality issue—just some talcum powder on the fleshy surface to keep the love doll dry! Please wash the fake pussy in fresh water, gently wipe the realistic sex doll dry with a soft cloth, and then leave it to dry naturally. To keep the skin from becoming sticky, lightly dust it with talcum powder and store it somewhere cold and dark.

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Men’s Life-Size Sex Doll A wonderful design for men to masturbate is this sex torso. Height: 25 inches, bust: 34.6 inches, waist: 23 inches, hips: 40 inches, Weight: 42 pounds, which makes it simple to handle, wash, and store while keeping a delicious weight and realistic density for an incredibly lifelike experience full size sex doll. Additionally, dressing her anyway you want is incredibly simple.

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